Educational Services Program

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Established in 1982 so that each student has the opportunity to develop her academic potential, Saint Ursula Academy’s Educational Services Program (ES Program) serves girls with learning disabilities and AD/HD by providing accommodations identified in the student’s service plan or IEP. Students in the ES Program meet the same academic requirements as their classmates and are mainstreamed into college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement classes.
Program participants benefit from services that demonstrate Saint Ursula's commitment to providing a successful college preparatory experience for girls with learning disabilities and AD/HD. This includes tutoring, coursework support, textbooks on CD, Kurzweil reader, extended time for testing, tests read by tutor, and the use of a digital recorder to record class notes.

Saint Ursula Academy is a provider for students who qualify for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.

The objectives of the Educational Services Program are:
  • to provide a college preparatory education for girls with learning disabilities and ADD
  • to provide for the individual learning differences and learning styles of the student by teaching to her strengths while working with her weaknesses
  • to inform teachers of each student's disability and learning style and of classroom accommodations that will be made for the Educational Services Program student
  • to provide the opportunity for each Educational Services Program student to achieve her academic potential through daily coursework support; testing accommodations; oral testing; recorded tests; extended quiz, test and exam periods; and extended time PSAT*, SAT Reasoning* and Subject*, ACT* and AP* tests
  • to provide academic and college advising to the Educational Services Program student
  • to monitor and to consult with the faculty regarding the progress of the Educational Services Program student
*Eligibility for accommodations is determined by the College Board and ACT

Please send all documents for admission to: 
Ms. Geri Walsh
Educational Services Program Coordinator
Saint Ursula Academy
1339 E. McMillan Street
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Educational Services Team