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Ursuline Identity

Saint Ursula Academy's identity and spirit rests upon the wisdom of St. Angela Merici, the foundress of the Ursuline Sisters. This visionary woman of the 16th century had the courage to forge a new path for women. At a time when the talents and abilities of women were largely forgotten, Angela realized the crucial role of women in the church and the world. Angela's vision and mission quickly spread throughout Europe and the education of girls become a primary ministry of the Ursuline order. The first religious order to reach North America, the French Ursulines founded a school in Quebec in 1639.
In 1910, Mother Fidelis and Mother Baptista continued the tradition when they founded St. Ursula Academy. They and 18 other Ursuline Sisters, answered Bishop Moeller’s call to come to Cincinnati and to work in the parochial schools. The early years were adventurous but hard. As you look through the Sister’s journal you see the hardship, but it is always written with light and good humor. A good friend of the Sisters, the Archbishop of Santa Fe, said “this community will be blessed because it is marked with the cross of Christ.” Saint Ursula Academy is over 100 years strong, and how truly blessed we have been.
Today, the Ursuline spirit carries on through the incredible faculty and staff who have dedicated their lives to Angela’s vision. With strong support from parents, alumnae and friends in the community, Saint Ursula Academy continues its mission to empower our students to become women of faith, integrity and courage, committed to building a better world.

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