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Long Range Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning at Saint Ursula Academy

In 2018, Saint Ursula began work on its newest Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP). Phase One included a year of planning, discussions, strategy sessions, feedback from students, parents, faculty/staff, alumnae, Board members and members of the Greater Cincinnati community. From that work emerged the top institutional priorities, new LRSP goals were set, and the work to accomplish the goals began.

The top four goals/focus areas in the current strategic plan are listed below in alphabetical order. Each focus area has a unique, qualified and dedicated committee to ensure strategies and tactics are developed and implemented over the five year strategic plan timeline. Saint Ursula has a history of committing to a high standard of excellence and through the LRSP, it challenges the school community to continue to evolve and push the limits of excellence. 

Learn More about the Saint Ursula Academy LRSP Focus Areas

How are we doing?

Strategies: Academics

  • Optimize the schedule
  • Evaluate and enhance STEM
  • Execute the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association accreditation plan
  • Evaluate the structure design of the Counseling Department
  • Evaluate and enhance focus on global education

Strategies: Campus

  • Continue initiatives toward zero waste campus
  • Address safety and security issues
  • Improve handicap accessibilty on campus
  • Develop outdoor campus
  • Use existing facilities or facility additions for alternative income stream

Strategies: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Create an inclusive and equitable environment 
  • Incorporate DEI within school policies, practices, and hiring
  • Implement faculty and staff programming & activities that forward our DEI efforts through internal and external resources
  • Implement student programming & activities that forward our DEI efforts
  • Enhance student recruitment policies, practices, and messaging
  • Enhance messaging, accountability, effectiveness, and collaboration through strategic use of DEI-related data in planning and assessment
  • Explore funding opportunities to support inclusion and diversity programming

Strategies: Financial Sustainability

  • Strive to keep school affordable for anyone who wants an SUA education
  • Enroll and maintain grade sizes of 160-170 girls
  • Reduce operating budget reliance from 92% to 90% by cultivating donors and sponsorship