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Counseling Department

"Today's school counselors are vital members of the education team. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow."
-- American School Counselor Association

A student’s relationship with her Saint Ursula school counselor is vital to her growth academically, socially and spiritually. Counselors work with students individually, in small groups, and in grade level meetings to provide academic, social/emotional and college/career counseling.

Individual Counseling: Each student meets individually with her counselor in scheduled appointments. Additional individual meetings, initiated by counselor or student, take place as needed to discuss academic or personal concerns. If an issue arises which requires more in-depth counseling than our counselors are able to provide within the confines of a school day, the counselor will assist the student and her family in helping find appropriate community resources.

Group Counseling: Over the course of four years, students participate in group guidance sessions that address both developmental and academic needs. Freshman and sophomore years focus primarily on transitioning to high school as well as self-awareness and stress management. Even in these first two years, discussion begins regarding college and career interests. Junior and senior years delve more deeply into the college application process as well as focusing on continuing academic and personal growth. Each year, grade-level specific standardized testing and testing strategies are reviewed.

College and Career Counseling: Counselors assist each student in identifying her God-given talents, strengths and needs, guiding her in selecting a college or university that is most appropriate for her. Through this process and the use of the Naviance tool, our goal is for each student to find a college or university that is the right match for her. 

Academic Advising: Each student is provided assistance in course selection and academic planning during individual and group sessions, as well as through counselor consultation with teachers and parents. Students are directed to view the Curriculum Guide to aid in the course selection process. Counselors also provide support and assistance for all standardized testing.

counseling team

Laura Roman, M.Ed., LSC
Director of Counseling 
513-9612-3410 ext. 127

Mrs. Roman serves students in all classes with last names beginning Sh - Z.

Annie Juergensen, M.A., LSC
513-961-3410 ext. 188

Mrs. Juergensen serves students in all classes with last names beginning N - Se.  

Wendy Long, M.A., LSC
513-961-3410 ext. 212

Ms. Long serves students in all classes with last names beginning E - J.  

Jill Minor, M.Ed., Ed.D., LSC
513-961-3410 ext. 126

Dr. Minor serves students in all classes with last names beginning A - B.

Cindy Nelson, M.A., LSC
513-961-3410 ext. 172

Mrs. Nelson serves students in all classes with last names beginning C - D.  

Cathy Sherrick, M.Ed.
513-961-3410 ext. 189

Mrs. Sherrick serves students in all classes with last names beginning K - M. 

Jenna Wilker, M.A., LSC
Testing Coordinator, Freshman Success Counselor
513-961-3410 ext. 306

Vikki Rose, B.S
Counseling Coordinator
513-961-3410 ext. 192