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Mission, Vision, and Ursuline Core Values

Our Vision

To honor the power of authentic sisterhood, and develop the strength of faith-filled women.

Our Mission

Saint Ursula Academy is a vibrant educational community founded on the strength of our Catholic faith and Ursuline values. Saint Ursula Academy promotes academic excellence and fosters a welcoming, respectful, and diverse community. Saint Ursula Academy graduates women filled with faith, integrity, and courage, ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Our Ursuline Core Values

Christ Centered
“Let Christ be your only treasure.” 

We stand in the person of Jesus Christ. We are His hands and His heart. Authentically witnessing to the good news of His love, mercy, and forgiveness impels us to action for others in our daily life.

“You need not to be anxious if you do your best.” 

We are called to individual excellence. Motivated to learn deeply and intentionally, we recognize and accept our gifts.  The call to excellence challenges us to use our gifts to positively impact the world in which we live.

“And above all, beware of trying to achieve anything by force, for God has given free will to each person and wants to force no one, but only propose, invite and advise….” 

We are called to self-reflection to uncover our core gifts.  These gifts, when continuously nurtured, grow into strengths.  The revelation and sharing of these strengths increase our engagement, achievement, and well-being.  

“Hold them day and night within your heart, having each and every one engraved there, for real love acts and works in this way.” 

We are created in the image and likeness of God. Human dignity insists individuals have an inherent and immeasurable worth; each life is sacred. As such, we are responsible to take an informed position on issues that have significant consequences for humankind.

“Love all your daughters equally; do not have any preferences for one rather than another because they are all God’s hold them in your love and bear with them equally.” 

We are all unique human beings.  As individuals, we must look inward and name our differences. As a community, we must embrace each other, sharing and celebrating our differences to strengthen a respectful and inclusive environment.  

“Listen to the counsels and inspirations which the Holy Spirit unceasingly sends into your heart. For the Holy Spirit, according to the words of Jesus, teaches us all truth.” 

Wholeness is not a state or a destination, but a process. This process challenges us to accept who we are physically, emotionally, intellectually, intuitively, and spiritually. Recognizing the interconnectedness of these gifts, we confidently use them to respond to life’s demands.  

“Do not lose heart...have hope and firm faith that God will assist you in everything.” 

Optimism is the ability to interpret situations in the best possible light.  It opens us to experience the fullness of a life filled with hope and peace. Optimism requires us to look at reality through the lens of goodness and compassion.

“Build community wherever you go.” 

Families are multi-layered with unique characteristics.  As such, they capture a much broader sense of what it means to be connected in a familial way.  We must value and respect all families to build community.

“You have more need to serve others than they have to be served.” 

Jesus came to serve. Service connects us to one another and is at the heart of Christian life.  As Jesus’ disciples, we are called to be compassionate persons committed to serving others.