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The Saint Ursula Fund

 "I have watched my daughter grow in ways I could never have imagined. The Saint Ursula Academy experience not only gave her a strong academic foundation, but she has learned confidence, leadership, compassion, team work and so much more. I know this unique programming would not be possible without the generous support of The Saint Ursula Fund. I hope donors see the real importance of supporting this Fund now and in years to come."
- Anonymous SUA parent 
  • The Saint Ursula Fund (our annual giving program) can be thought of as “money to live by.” It supports all areas of the school.
  • We ask for gifts on an annual basis to support the operating budget.
  • There is a gap of greater than $2,000 between the tuition the school receives and the amount that it actually costs to educate each student. In other words, tuition received from current SUA families does not cover the entire cost of educating each student.
  • Donations to the Saint Ursula Fund are the method by which we keep tuition increases low.
  • Tuition at SUA is not supplemented by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
  • The money donated to The Saint Ursula Fund can be used immediately for the areas of greatest need.
  • Your participation will help leverage additional support. When SUA applies for grants from foundations, one of the very first things those foundations look for is a high percentage of annual giving participation by groups closely affiliated with the school.  

Contact Me

Meridith Oberklein Spille
Saint Ursula Fund Director
(513) 961-3410 ext. 151