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Diversity is a core value at Saint Ursula Academy. St. Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursuline Order, insisted on love and respect for every individual. She modeled a responsiveness to the “needs of the times” of all social classes, especially those marginalized, not by choice, but by alienation, oppression, or exclusion from educational opportunities.
Based on this example, the Saint Ursula community is a trusting, inclusive environment that celebrates differences including culture, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, learning styles, disabilities, and economic status. Our learning environment uses resources to create opportunities that build an appreciation for all of our talents, gifts, and abilities. Through our inclusion efforts, we strive that each student: 
  • Be respected and appreciated for her individual gifts
  • Be understood and able to celebrate her cultural heritage
  • Be challenged academically in all subject areas
  • Be given opportunities to serve others
  • Be able to participate in extracurricular activities
  • Be taken seriously and have her voice heard
  • Be able to take risks without fear of embarrassment
  • Attend a school with a strong family spirit

There are various programs, groups, and events that support the inclusion and diversity efforts.

Diversity Committee:  
The Diversity Committee works to create a community at Saint Ursula Academy where diversity is valued and the students are prepared to live, work, and contribute positively to a diverse society. 
The strategy of the Diversity Committee is to educate the whole Saint Ursula Academy community first to understand the meaning and the importance of diversity, then to accept diversity, and finally to embrace and celebrate diversity as essential to living our Ursuline mission and critical to thriving in a peaceful world. This committee consists of staff, faculty, parents, and community leaders.
Hands Across Campus (HAC): 
HAC is a student organization that stresses the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic origins of the United States as it works to dispel stereotypes and foster positive cross-cultural understanding among the members of the school community, the Walnut Hills neighborhood, and the greater Cincinnati community. The ultimate goal of HAC is to inspire students to do their part in their daily lives to work to eliminate all forms of prejudice and exclusion. This group coordinates the Salad Bowl luncheon series and joins HAC groups from other schools for evening and weekend programs.
Diversity Through the Arts: This program consists of a series of workshops held throughout the school year. Guest artists or art organizations will host a workshop where they demonstration various art forms from visual to dance. These workshops are open to entire SUA community students, faculty ,staff, alumnae, and parents.
PAAD: Saint Ursula
 established Parents of African American Daughters (PAAD) during the 2000-2001 school year, allowing African American parents the opportunity to become more involved with SUA. The purpose of PAAD is to promote and maintain the interest of our African American parents in the educational and co-curricular activities of Saint Ursula Academy. PAAD assists the Saint Ursula community in providing cultural activities that complement academic programs. PAAD sponsors and supports an all-school assembly, the annual soul food lunch, a holiday party and the Sisterhood Celebration, which recognizes the accomplishments of the graduating seniors and welcomes new families to Saint Ursula. 
Sisters In Cultural Unity: This club celebrates and bring awareness to African and African American culture and achievement through art, history, presentation and education. It is open to all SUA students interested in promoting sisterhood and awareness of African and African American history and culture.

To find out more about diversity and inclusion programming, please contact:

Toilynn O'Neal Turner '90
Diversity Director

513-961-3410 ext. 261

Young Women's Institute

The goal of the Young Women's Institute (YWI) is to build and support female teen leaders in grades 6 - 8 so that they can improve their own lives and transform their communities.  This day will provide an academic and culturally enriching environment for 30 outstanding young women.  Participants will make new friendships, be engaged in group team building activities, take away study skills and participate in a variety of creative activities. Please contact Toilynn O'Neal for more information regarding the retreat at 513-961-3410, ext 261 or email [email protected]
Register for the next YWI is coming soon!

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