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Welcome to your VIRTUAL SHADOW DAY at Saint Ursula Academy!

View the videos in this section to learn about each academic department, athletics, fine arts, service, our delicious food service, breaks during the day and much more! This virtual experience will give you an in-depth look at our faculty and facilities, and can show you more than you may see during your in-person Shadow experience.  

Academic Bell #1
Pick a class to attend!

Academic Bell #2
Pick a class to attend!

Saint Ursula Academy’s 4-bell collegiate model schedule is designed with the best interest of the students in mind. That’s why there are scheduled breaks throughout the day to help girls pause before continuing the academic day. The girls can choose to have a snack, re-charge herself, participate in a club, visit with friends, or learn a new life skill during one or more of the daily breaks.

The Student Life at Saint Ursula Academy is rich and has endless options to help develop the whole person. Whatever your interest, Saint Ursula has something for you in clubs and student organizations, athletics, service, fine arts, faith formation, academic honor societies, and so much more.

Academic Bell #3
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Academic Bell #4
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What about FOOD!?

Thank you for spending some time inside Saint Ursula Academy in this Virtual Shadow Day. We invite you to schedule a time to visit in person or learn more about SUA’s exceptional programs on our website,