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SUA's Rohmiller Earns Perfect ACT Score of 36

Saint Ursula Academy is proud to announce junior Grayson Rohmiller of White Oak earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.  The ACT, or American College Testing program, is one of two primary college admission exams.
A perfect ACT score of 36 is an average of the four main test sections. Grayson earned a perfect ACT score of 36 in English, 36 in Math, 36 in Reading, 36 in Science, therefore earning a 36 Composite score.  Grayson says she wanted to take the ACT as soon as possible and is glad to have finished the process before the start of her junior year.
She attributes her success to all of the support and encouragement of her family and Saint Ursula.
“My teachers and the rest of the Saint Ursula community have set a high academic standard, and they have pushed me to do my best. My parents, Kimberly and Michael Rohmiller, have also played a large role in my success, as they have always motivated and inspired me to go after my goals. They encourage me to perform at a high level while also focusing on other interests, such as tennis and extra-curriculars. My parents are huge role models for me, and I look up to them for their determination and work ethic.”
Grayson says she enjoys all of her classes but says her favorites are math and science.  The unique Saint Ursula schedule has allowed her to maximize her coursework.  
“Saint Ursula's collegiate block schedule has allowed me to fill my schedule with rigorous courses that will help me in the future, especially math and science classes. For example, by the end of my junior year, I will have taken 5 math courses and 6 science courses. At Saint Ursula, I am also inspired to explore other passions. Here, I can find a balance between academics, athletics, and student organizations such as Student Council, the Girls Athletic Association Board, and the Ambassador program.”
Grayson adds there are countless people at Saint Ursula who have helped her grow throughout the past few years. 
“Ms. Depoe, my AP Calculus and Honors Pre-Calculus teacher, has pushed me mentally while also helping me cultivate my love for math. Mr. Fleming, the head of the math department, has also been positive and encouraging in the classroom as well as in guiding me in choosing my math courses. Mrs. Weidner, Dr. O'Mahoney, Mr. Simcoe, and Ms. Burns have been some of my science teachers during my time at Saint Ursula. All of them have been able to balance teaching advanced material with creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Mr. Moran, our vice-principal, has assisted me multiple times in rearranging my schedule in order to get the most out of my time at Saint Ursula. In the counseling department, Mrs. Juergensen and Mrs. Roman have gone above and beyond to advise me in my academic journey over the years.”
Rohmiller, an elected Student Council Representative for her class, is still unsure what she will study in college or pursue as a career, but says she is leaning toward something in the STEM field. 
“We are so proud of Grayson and her hard work,” said Dr. Mari Thomas, Saint Ursula Academy Principal. “She is a bright and talented student as well as an inspired leader who leads by example.  We are thrilled to see her efforts are creating even more opportunities for her.”