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SUA Students Present Design Project to Walnut Hills Area Council

Students Present to Walnut Hills Council

Students from Saint Ursula Academy spent the spring developing community-focused designs that show the impact of the Walnut Hills community. The Design 4 students, mostly seniors, presented their Community Design Work in May to the Walnut Hills Area Council.
Led by design instructor Alison Probst, the students researched people, traditions, architecture, and unique aspects of the Walnut Hills community. 
From there, they created posters and banners using the skills and techniques they learned during their four years studying design at Saint Ursula. Each piece tells a story and is ready to be displayed as a finished, professional sign. 
Students also added grommets to the vinyl banners so they can be displayed outside. 
More than 40 members of the Walnut Hills Community Council watched and listened as students presented details of their class project. Each student shared the meaning and work that went into each piece. 
Saint Ursula is proud of its history as a long-time resident of the East Walnut Hills community. SUA design students are grateful for the opportunity to work on such a special project to benefit the community in which SUA resides.