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Saint Ursula Academy Students Learn to Put their Faith into Action

Faith in Action Day

Faith is at the heart of the student experience at Saint Ursula Academy. Learning how to put it into action is a focus for students and adults during several dedicated days each school year. Called Faith in Action days, students in each grade level have the opportunity to learn about their faith through retreats, learning the history of Saint Ursula and its founding Sisters, personal reflection, team building volunteering in service to others, and so much more. 
Recently during a March Faith in Action Day, students had multiple opportunities to learn about themselves and the foundation of SUA and its core values.  
Half of the sophomore class (Class of 2025) participated in an Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Day. The full day had various activities, some that included:
- Learning about myself as a person
- Learning about myself as a leader
- Start writing my 10 commandments for women
- Invite people to be on my Board of Directors
- Shred a notecard that had a word representing what no longer serves me
- Receive a mustard seed to see the amount of faith I can bring
- Practice taking turns with a group of my peers being a Thinker, Leader, Nurturer, Prophet
That same day, part of the freshman class engaged in tours of the SUA Parlors and Chapel, learning the history of the Academy and about the Sisters who founded the school and convent. They also learned about the history of the Sisters by visiting the Convent Archives, seeing pictures, art, and artifacts from the early years of the Academy. They also enjoyed looking through decades of yearbooks and seeing how the school has grown and evolved over the years. 
Another group of freshmen headed to Camp Ernst to practice trust exercises and team-building on the large ropes course.
Juniors visited St. Vincent de Paul or spent time on their junior retreat. 
By the time SUA students graduate, they learn how to live as women of faith, integrity, and courage committed to building a better world.