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Saint Ursula Junior Earns Perfect ACT Score of 36

Anna Hamant

Saint Ursula Academy is proud of junior Anna Hamant ’25, who earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT she took in March. It’s quite an accomplishment. Fewer than 1% of students earn a perfect score on the test, which measures skills that help determine college and career readiness.

When asked how she prepared, Anna shared “Saint Ursula helped by providing me with excellent training on all of the coursework that can be covered on the test. I was able to learn all of the math topics in my first two and a half years, which allowed me to achieve a high score somewhat early on. Through many science classes at Saint Ursula, I have developed data analysis skills that helped to interpret science passages on the test.”
She says she felt supported by adults and classmates through the first few years of her high school journey at SUA, and that has helped her.
“Saint Ursula has given me immeasurable support. I am a part of a community that I know I can always turn to for help. I have met amazing classmates and teachers who push me to try my hardest while also reassuring me that it is okay to make mistakes along the way. I know that when times get stressful, the SUA community will be supportive and eager to help.”
Anna is a great student with an affinity for STEM subjects. She says her favorite classes at SUA have been math and science courses. 
“I especially enjoyed honors physical science and honors biology during my freshman year because those are both fields that interest me,” said Anna. “We completed a variety of fun labs that helped us to apply our learning to real-world scenarios. I also particularly enjoyed robotics, which I took as a sophomore, because the entire course was hands-on. I enjoyed being challenged with obstacle courses and other various tasks that we had to make a robot perform. I also appreciated the opportunity to explore the new and growing field of robotics.”
Anna shared that all of her Saint Ursula teachers have been extremely helpful and have always been there for her. 
“They enthusiastically answer any question that I have and make me feel comfortable asking them about whatever is on my mind. Mrs. Rosen has helped me to explore fields that I am interested in working in. So far, she has taught me robotics, honors pre-calc, and honors physics. She lets my classmates and I know any time there is an opportunity for us to get involved and relates what we are learning to how we can pursue it in the future.”
Anna is involved in several activities at SUA beyond the classroom. She is co-leader of the ski club and the Crayons to Computers group of Student Outreach Services (SOS) student group. She was also selected to be an SUA Ambassador, a Bulldog Buddy tutor. She is a member of the SUA Medical Society and is a member of the National Honor Society. She played volleyball during her freshman and sophomore years and is running track this year.
Her advice for incoming freshmen? “I would say to not be afraid to try new things. It is beneficial to meet as many people as you can and to pursue anything that interests you. Don’t be afraid to take a class that you may not know anyone in, because those often end up being my favorite classes.”
She says she would also advise them to find joy in the little things. High school can be overwhelming when you start but the small memories are the ones that stick with you.