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Saint Ursula Academy to Remove Schott Name from Two Campus Facilities

Dear Saint Ursula Community,

Today, the Saint Ursula Academy Leadership Team, with the support of the Board, made the decision to remove the name of Marge Schott/Schottzie from two facilities on its campus; an academic science, world language, and arts facility completed in 2000 and Schottzie Stadium, the athletic facility on the north side of campus.

Discussions about many issues of equity on our school campus began last year in SUA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. This committee was formed as part of Saint Ursula Academy’s Long Range Strategic Plan, in which Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity is one of SUA’s top four institutional goals. This work, combined with meaningful dialogue in the past few weeks, led Saint Ursula to make this decision now.

Marge Schott made a personal donation to Saint Ursula 20 years ago that helped fund 20% of two capital projects. We can no longer display the name that does not align with our values of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

We have spoken with the Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation, who have shared they appreciate what organizations, like Saint Ursula, bring to Cincinnati and fully support the decisions made by these organizations.

As we continue to learn and teach, we appreciate the value of constructive feedback and civil discourse. In an effort to educate critical thinkers, we are committed to having forward-thinking dialogue and curricular discussions on these important issues of equity.

The school received emails from alumnae and current students sharing their personal stories. Saint Ursula is listening and learning during this time of unrest. The school understands diversity and inclusion work is not enough, we must work towards racial equity. Black Lives Matter. Having every member of our community feel welcome and supported matters.

This is just the first step. Dialogue is a key component in meaningful change. Saint Ursula will also host Active Listening Sessions at school in July to begin a productive dialogue that will lead to real transformation.

We are committed to sharing information from the listening sessions and how the feedback will translate into action. We will share this through our official communication channels.

We are committed to learning, listening, and continuing positive change in the future.

Lelia Keefe Kramer       Dr. Mari Thomas
President                        Principal