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Saint Ursula Students and Teachers Travel to Ireland and Great Britain

SUA Students in Great Britain

Saint Ursula Bulldogs are traveling the globe this summer. The biggest group was 48 travelers who headed to Great Britain and Ireland. The students were chaperoned by teacher Corina Corder, who organized the trip, and fellow teachers Cindy Depoe, Pam Smith, and Melissa McKee. Cammie Corder Nelson, Sierra Nelson, and alumna Lizzie Dobbins were also chaperones.  

The 15-day journey took the group through Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England. Several highlights included Bunratty Castle and Blarney in Ireland, Edinburgh in Scotland, and Beaumaris in Wales. In London, the group was lucky enough to see the Queen and the Royal Family up close during the Trooping the Colour parade, which celebrates the Queen’s birthday. 
This is just one of several trips coordinated by Saint Ursula Academy each year to expose students to new cultures, experiences and service.