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Apply for the Educational Services Program

Apply for the Educational Services Program - Class of 2029! 

Welcome 8th Grade Families!

We invite you to apply to Saint Ursula Academy's Educational Services Program by clicking the link below. The ES Program is for students who have an identified learning disability.  Please be sure to apply by November 8.

For admission to the Educational Services Program, for students with identified learning disabilities, the admissions committee will examine:

  • Completed ES Application (including a response to a Class of 2029 prompt)
  • Report cards from the 6th, 7th and 8th grade
  • Most recent standardized test scores/proficiency test scores
  • Attendance records (if not included on report cards)
  • High School Placement Test Scores
  • Evaluation Team Report (ETR) or an educational evaluation
  • IEP/ISP, 504 Plan or school accommodation plan, if applicable
  • Teacher Information Forms
To download the Educational Services Program checklist, please click HERE.

To download the Teacher Information Form, please click HERE.

To access the High School Placement Test Accommodation Form, please click HERE.

The elementary school principal must complete and send this letter to the HSPT testing coordinator at the specific high school where the student is testing two weeks before the test administration date.  Supporting documentation must be attached as indicated by RWB Policy 1004.02.

To learn about some of the frequently asked questions about the SUA Educational Services Program, please click on the image below:
Please contact us with any questions you may have about the application process!

Michelle Dellecave
Director of Admissions