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Academy Alum

Academy Alum Program

Although our Academy Alum program was officially named in the late 1990's, students throughout the long-history of our school have always been encouraged to be Thinkers, Leaders, Nurturers, and Prophets.  Upon graduation from Saint Ursula Academy, each student will have spent a large amount of time reflecting on how she can best fulfill her role as a thinker, a leader, a nurturer, and a prophet.  We believe these 4 roles are in the heart of each young lady and we encourage each student to embrace these roles.
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Thinkers, Leaders, Nurturers, & Prophets

 "Being a prophet is preparing the way for Christ in the way we live our lives. We are called to be a prophet. All of us are chosen, but not all of us decide to accept the calling. It's about being a radical in today's society."
-Maria Lees Dunlap '05


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