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Technology Program

The Future is Now

The One-to-One laptop computer program is the result of nearly two decades of technology study at Saint Ursula Academy. In preparing our young women to change the world we teaching them how to use digital tools that empower them to reach their goals with support from information technology anytime and anywhere during their high school years.  It prepares each student for college and future careers.
SUA was visionary in developing an effective one-to-one Tablet PC Program, beginning in the late 1990's. Schools from around the world continue to look to SUA to learn what works and how to use this tool most effectively in education. Every student at Saint Ursula has her own personal Tablet PC for her four years.
The Tablet PC is not just a tool for learning, in a digital world, our students know how to use their tablet for more than just consuming and reading information, but they know the best ways to collaborate with others and generate content and results using this technology.
What is a Tablet PC?  
Tablet PCs are lightweight, highly mobile computers the size of a legal pad. Users interact with them by tapping, writing, or drawing on a touch screen with a stylus (digital pen), and they are capable of wireless access to the Internet or the campus network. Tablet PCs are full-blown computers with plenty of memory and lots of storage space. At SUA, they run They run Windows 10 applications and other necessary programs students need. The Saint Ursula Academy wireless network allows access to communication, information, and all of our purchased resources anywhere on our campus at any time. And accessibility does not stop “at the school house door.” Because students have their own Tablet PC’s they are able to work on them outside of the classroom: at home, waiting for practice, even in the car!

The Tablet PC consolidates student materials and eliminates carrying of most books, numerous binders, notebooks, large numbers of colored pens and highlighters. Students learn how to organize digital materials and learn the time management skills they will need for success in high school, college and careers. Most significantly, the Tablet PC enables teachers to implement different types of learning activities made possible by technology that will address the needs of different types of learners such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (learning by-doing).