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Parent Club Information

Parent Club

Saint Ursula Academy has a long history of strong parental support. There are many ways to get involved. The Saint Ursula Academy Parent Club is a group for parents and guardians wishing to make a bigger commitment.
Purpose and Description of Parent Club
The Saint Ursula Academy Parent Club is a service organization dedicated to supporting 21 activities/events that enhance our daughters’ high school experience while also providing social opportunities to foster growth within the SUA community.  Being a member is a 3-year commitment for your daughter’s sophomore, junior, and senior years. Each member works on one large and a few smaller events each year. Men and women are welcome and the whole group totals about 50 members. 
Some of the Parent Club events include Senior Bonding Canoe Trip, hospitality events like Dawg Day, Flourish spring fashion show, Senior Tea, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon, and more. Some larger activities include support of school events such as Open House, Parent Meet and Greet Night (Meet the Teacher), and Graduation.
Your Commitment
Attend Monthly Meetings
This Parent Club meets the third Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. during the school year to organize and chair activities and events in an effort to enhance our daughter's high school experience.  
  • It’s important all members attend the in-person meetings, if possible, to receive updates on events and allow committees to touch base. We understand that with certain work schedules morning meetings are not possible for some of our members. We send out meeting notes after every meeting and can keep you informed if attendance is not feasible. 
Event committees can meet in between those meetings to plan their events, when necessary.

Volunteer on Assigned Events
Parent Club events are assigned to committee members annually. We ask that each member honor the commitment to serve on the event assigned or find a substitute if there is a predicted conflict. 
Parent Club Structure 
Every member serves on one large committee (Flourish or Senor Tea) and a few small event committees each year. The three-year commitment structure is as follows: 
The Freshman/Sophomore parents/guardians volunteer as committee members on their assigned events (which are assigned annually at the Spring Luncheon.) This allows them to learn how the events work for future years.
The Junior parents/guardians, having experience with their specific events, serve as committee chairs and co-chairs of their assigned events. 
The Senior parents/guardians serve as advisors to the Junior event chairs and able to answer questions, offer advice, and assist the Junior moms and committee members in leading the event. Senior moms also volunteer on various assigned events.
After your first three years, if you have younger daughters, you may stay on the Parent Club as an At-Large Member. At-large members continue as part of the Parent Club and volunteer for the events of their choosing, usually one large and a few small events each year.

Leave Notes for Future PC Event Organizers 
This intentional structure ensures event success by having continuity year-over-year in Parent Club event staffing. Each committee leaves detailed notes for the volunteers that follow. These events are a lot of fun and a great way to meet other SUA parents and make some new friends! It’s also a great way to get a sneak peek into the student experience at SUA.
Many of the events are time-honored traditions and could not happen without the help of the Parent Club.  That is why the commitment portion is so important as we plan for each year!

If a 3-year commitment isn’t something you are able to make, please consider volunteering in other areas by signing up through The Parent Volunteer Network online in the fall to help serve SUA with requests for hands-on helpers for events requiring a short-term commitment. There are many opportunities throughout the year and we welcome your involvement.

Parents' Board Forms

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