Student-Parent Handbook

July 1, 2016

Dear Parents and Students,

To all of our returning students and our newest members of the Saint Ursula
Academy community, the Class of 2020, greetings and welcome!

As stated in our Mission Statement, “Saint Ursula Academy is a nurturing
Catholic educational community founded in the Ursuline tradition. Saint Ursula
encourages academic excellence and empowers each student to become a
woman of faith, integrity and courage committed to building a better world.”
Our goal is to guide our students to live the gospel values of love, compassion
and forgiveness each day as they interact with their classmates and faculty and
staff members. This handbook is designed to inform you about school policies,
programs and rules that will help you become aware of the expectations of the
behavior of a Saint Ursula Academy student. The Student/Parent Handbook
provides important guidelines that you can refer to when questions arise.

Being a member of a school community is not too different from being a
member of a family. We love and support one another and we establish rules
and boundaries to minimize misunderstanding. The more that we understand and
appreciate the boundaries for our behavior, the more we grow as a caring

If you have any questions regarding the policies or procedures detailed in 
the Handbook shown above, please contact the person who is most directly responsible for
that policy or procedure.


Craig A. Maliborski
Saint Ursula Academy
1339 East McMillan Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
Phone: 513-961-3410
Fax: 513-961-3856
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