Faith, integrity and courage accompanied our founding Sisters when Saint Ursula Academy opened 1910, over 100 years ago. These values guided the Sisters and the stewards of Saint Ursula Academy as United States history evolved over the decades.
While our country and our society have changed and evolved dramatically, Saint Ursula has set the standard for growth and prudent change, inspired by core values that have remained constant: The Christ Centered Spirit of St. Angela Merici inspires us to Affirm the Dignity and Gifts of Women, Inspire students to achieve Academic Excellence, Develop the Whole Person, Value the Uniqueness and Gifts of Each Person, Build Family Spirit in our School, Celebrate Difference and Diversity, and Commit ourselves to lives of Christian Service with Optimism and Openness guiding our daily lives.

Nurtured and inspired by dedicated alumnae and parents, Saint Ursula students, faculty and staff live these values every day with their unparalleled passion for learning, shared vitality, expertise in the classroom, and unyielding commitment to personal, spiritual and academic growth.

St. Angela Merici was the first woman of faith, integrity and courage in the 16th C. She challenged society's norms when she confidently formed a company of women who lived and worked in active service and spiritual growth, not separated from society in a convent or in an arranged marriage as was the norm.

Her works laid the foundation for the Ursulines of Cincinnati. The original 20 sisters travelled to the city from Brown County, OH, at the request of Archbishop Henry Moeller, who asked them to educate the children of a new wave of immigrants in local parish schools.

Mother Fidelis Coleman and Mother Baptista Fraener led the way and started St. Ursula, where young women could receive a broad education, one based upon a foundation of knowledge and personal fulfillment. They chose to establish their community and St. Ursula Academy in East Walnut Hills, a diverse neighborhood perfect for carrying out their mission of service, education and development of the whole person.

Anyone whose life has been touched by Saint Ursula Academy knows that it is more than a place of learning, it is a family and a community based in rich Ursuline tradition.

For over 100 years, girls have come from throughout the Greater Cincinnati area to 1339 East McMillan Street to receive an education rooted in Ursuline values. The neighborhood provides Saint Ursula students with a unique "neighborhood classroom" rich in cultural attractions within walking distance and the downtown area within a five minute drive.

Guided by a talented and dedicated faculty and staff, who carry on the tradition of the founding sisters, thousands of young women have developed their potential and become Academy Alums: Reflective Thinkers, Leaders who Serve the Community, Nurturers and Prophets who live their beliefs in the world. Thus, they live St. Ursula's mission as women of faith, integrity and courage committed to building a better world.
Important Dates
1474: Angela Merici is born in Desenzano, Italy
1535: The Company of St. Ursula is founded by St. Angela Merici
1544: Pope Paul III formally approves the Company
1910: Mother Fidelis and Mother Baptista found the Ursulines of Cincinnati
St. Ursula Academy opened its doors on September 17, 1910 with 63 students from
kindergarten to 12th grade.
1911: St. Ursula Academy is moved to current location, 1339 East McMillan St.
1913: St. Ursula Academy Alumnae Association formed
1914: Maria Longworth Storer, founder of Rockwood Pottery, assist with the building of the chapel and the west wing addition.
1916: Dedication of the Chapel by Archbishop Moeller.
1925: Ursuline Sister, Sr. Mary Carmel, first women to receive a doctoral degree from the University of Cincinati.
1935: St. Ursula Academy stopped taking boarders.
1953: SUA purchased two houses next to the Academy on Upland Place, named St. Joseph and St. Genevieve (today they occupy the land where Schott Hall sits).
1955: St. Angela Hall (Theater) built and dedicated.
1962: The LeBlond mansion in Mt. Lookout became the home of St. Ursula Villa, kindergarten through grade 6 was moved to the new campus.
1965: Principal, Sr. Rose Angela started advanced-placement courses and career-orientated internships for seniors.
1967: The East Wing is completed, adding classrooms, a library, and the creation of the Guidance Department.
1973: An addition at St. Ursula Villa, allows the junior high to be moved to the LeBlond Mansion.
1983: The Educational Services Program is established.
1994: The Ursulines of Cincinnati incorporated St. Ursula Academy separately and vested governance to the board of trustees.
1994: Athletic Field and Fine Arts Building purchased
2000: Schott Hall completed; adding classrooms, music labs, and state of the art science labs
2001: St. Ursula recognized as a school of excellence by the U.S. Department of Education
2002: Ground breaking for construction of the Harold C Schott Gymnasium and Convocation Center
2002: Completion of Schottzie Stadium
2005: One to one tablet program established at St. Ursula
2012: The Arlene Fox Keller '58 Student Center opened
Saint Ursula Academy
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
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