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Saint Ursula Academy Teacher Becomes Student During Summer Break

Carol Burns Teaching

Saint Ursula Academy teachers work hard to create the best educational experience for their students. That means becoming students themselves throughout the year and during the summer to ensure the Saint Ursula curriculum puts their students at the forefront in each subject.

 One example is Carol Burns, a physics teacher having completed her first year at Saint Ursula Academy. She will participate in three educational programs this summer. The first is a program called STEP UP, a partnership between the American Physical Society, National Science Foundation, American Association of Physics Teachers, and two universities.  STEP UP seeks to increase the number of women choosing to major in physics. She will attend the program in mid-July. During the school year, she will trade ideas with other physics teachers, participate in curriculum development discussions, and continue to encourage SUA students to consider how a physics degree can support their academic goals.
At the end of July, Ms. Burns will head to Washington D.C. after she was selected to participate in a workshop on quantum computing hosted by the National Science Foundation, American Association of Physics Teachers, and IBM. She will bring her learnings back to the classroom and will trade lesson plans and resources with other workshop participants that introduce quantum computing into high school courses. 
“I do think that this will open up doors for our students. I am especially hopeful that our students will have the opportunity to access IBM's open-source quantum computing software,” said Burns.  
She will also participate in a virtual meeting with scientists and 25 teachers from around the world and LIGO-Hanford scientists (LIGO- Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, operated by Caltech and MIT). 
Burns says she is grateful to SUA Principal Dr. Mari Thomas and Science Department Chair Chrissy Wainscott for supporting her as she worked to find a balance between exposing her students to standard physics material and to new research. 
“We know that learning never ends for the most talented and bright teachers like the faculty we have at Saint Ursula,” said Dr. Mari Thomas, Principal. “We are proud of Ms. Burns and the opportunities she pursued so she can continue to offer the best and cutting-edge concepts to our students. We will continue to support our teachers to ensure they remain at the forefront of education in their respective areas of expertise.”
Saint Ursula teachers across every subject area continue their learning during the summer months, to ensure SUA students receive the best education when they return for a new school year. 
“I am so grateful to be at a school that provides direction and support while allowing me the freedom to meet the needs of my students in creative ways,” said Burns.
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