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SUA Connects Students with Engineering and Applied Science Pros

Engineering Lunch and Learn

The Saint Ursula Academy Counseling Department recently hosted the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science for an event as part of SUA’s Career Lunch and Learn Series.  Students from all grade levels were invited to learn more about careers in engineering, as well as the Women In Engineering Program (WIE) at UC.
Abby Harder, Paul Feldkamp, Alex Van Fossen, and Paula Lampley, Director of the WIE program spoke to students and encouraged them to combine their talent/creativity with arts/science to change the world.  Ms. Lampley explained the difference between an Engineering Degree and an Engineering Technology Degree, including multiple opportunities for Co-Op experiences during the collegiate years.  Students were invited to attend Summer Camps at UC or schedule an official visit to see the new 1819 Innovation Hub and the Futures Building,
To end the presentation, Mr. Feldkamp challenged students to land a piece of paper on a target.   Through discussing ideas, the addition of a few tools (scissors, paper clips), and thinking about objects that fall to the ground in different ways, students met the challenge.  Mr. Feldkamp shared that, through that process, they were all being engineers. There was a problem to solve and they used what they already knew, collaborated with others, and utilized available tools to begin solving the problem.   After several trials, and after trouble-shooting areas where they were not successful, students were finally able to innovate, create, and design a solution—the goal of all engineers!
Several SUA students will be attending events through the Women In Engineering program over the next several months as they continue exploring Engineering careers.  This event follows an event earlier in the school year where SUA Alumna Kitty DiFalco ‘13, Senior Field Engineer at American Bridge Company, spoke to students about her career path and encouraged students who enjoy problem-solving to pursue a career in engineering.