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15 SUA Students Participate in Annual Munoz Foundation Leadership Seminar

Munoz Leadership Event Participants

Saint Ursula Academy students are challenged to become leaders who are ready to build a better world. 15 students from Saint Ursula Academy recently attended the Anthony Munoz Leadership Seminar to learn from others and network with other youth leaders from the tri-state area.  
During the event titled (un)written, student leaders were challenged to explore their own story and evaluate the “unwritten” parts of their lives.  They were inspired to think about what comes next in their story as they move from high school to college to careers.  In the end, the Munoz Foundation motivated students to grow into inspiring leaders who lead others to greatness.
SUA student Mia Napier ‘24 attended the seminar and is excited to go forward as an empathetic, brave leader.   She valued the opportunity to work with students from other schools and learn about issues in various communities around the Cincinnati area.  In particular, she noted that some students didn’t feel “safe” in their school environments which allowed her to reflect on the multi-tiered safety protocols in place at Saint Ursula Academy in order to ensure that students know they are in a safe place.
After breaking into small groups with other schools, the 15 SUA students came back together to brainstorm a service project aimed at helping their community.  Because food insecurity is an issue facing many people who live in East Walnut Hills, the group decided that a service project focusing on this need would be planned during the school year.  
Mia, along with all of the students who attended, is grateful for the opportunity to experience such a powerful event.
“Anthony Munoz stressed that my generation is the future, and he motivated us to persevere through any challenge we may face. Even though he is a football Hall of Fame member, he addressed each of us in such a personal way. It was such a worthwhile and motivational experience and I’m so thankful that I was able to attend,” said Mia.
Other SUA students who attended the conference are Maddie Bruns, Avery Dunn, Grace Gillock, Belle Grubert, Chloe Hubert, Geraldina Jeronimo-Simon, Leah Klus, Sophie Lawler, Quincy MacCutcheon, Emily McLachlan, Natalie Roettker, Aaliyah Rush, Holly Shumrick, Izzy Tonne, and Elie Zobrist.