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Realtors with Heart Donates AED to Saint Ursula Academy

Aed Donation

Saint Ursula Academy gratefully accepted the donation of an AED (automated external defibrillator) from Realtors with Heart and Fueled Collective. The AED will be installed in one of Saint Ursula’s Academy buildings, joining seven already in place around campus.

The AED, which includes the mounted storage case and training, is valued at $2,500.

Realtors with Heart is committed to making our cities & states more Heart-Safe through CPR training/ AED placement & advocacy. One person can save a life and cardiac arrest can strike anyone at any time. When minutes count, an AED can mean the difference between life and death. The group hopes to help make AED’s as common as fire extinguishers.
“We intend to place this AED on the top academic floor, which will save time from  having to carry one upstairs in case of an emergency,” said Saint Ursula school nurse Wynta White. “I am grateful to the many people who do outreach in our communities.”

In this case, Fueled Collective worked with Realtors with Heart and made a donation to cover the cost of the entire AED donation to Saint Ursula.

“We are so appreciative of this AED donation, which in addition to our existing AED’s, will help make our school even more prepared in the case of a medical emergency,” said Saint Ursula Academy Principal Dr. Mari Thomas. “We extend our warmest thanks to Realtors with Heart and Fueled Collective for making a real difference with their efforts.”

Realtors with Heart plans to donate more AED’s in Greater Cincinnati locations. To date, they have trained more than 2,600 people and made 4,825,100 people more heart safe.

If you know of a public or private location that might benefit from an AED, contact Laurie Nippert Leonard, Realtors with Heart Founder & Chair Emeritus at [email protected] or Heather Kopf, Past Chair and member of the Executive Advisory Team at [email protected]

Caption:  Shown L-R: Wynta White, SUA nurse, Karen Aerts with Fueled Collective, Skylar Herr, SUA student, Laurie Nippert Leonard, Realtors with Heart, Heather Kopf, Realtors with Heart, Mark Johnston with The Christ Hospital Project Heart Restart, Michelle Dellecave of SUA, and Norah Mock of SUA