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Saint Ursula Academy Club Makes Sunscreen Available to All Students Daily

New Sunsceen Dispenser

Some students at Saint Ursula Academy want to ensure all of their classmates stay safe in the sun. They are part of the Gingers and Co. Club at Saint Ursula. To achieve their goal, the group, in partnership with the school administration, installed three sunscreen dispensers around campus to make sunscreen accessible to all students.

It’s all part of a bigger effort by Gingers and Co. to raise awareness about sun safety and melanoma prevention. Gingers and Co. Club leaders are Sylvie O’Conner ’20 and Anna Lohrer ’20, who worked with local organization Melanoma No More to make the dispensers a reality.

A regular supporter of the Gingers and Co. group, Melanoma No More generously donated three dispensers to the school. Melanoma No more is a local organization that strives for a world free from the threat of melanoma and is committed to educating the people of Greater Cincinnati about the devastating impact of this disease.

The dispensers are ready to use and are easy to find. They are bright yellow with the message “SPF is your BFF, Be Sun Safe Bulldogs!”  The dispensers are strategically located in three areas of the school where students most frequently exit to spend extended periods outside: The gym field level, the gym main level lobby, and the Keller Student Center back patio. 

The club hopes all students develop good sun safety habits at a young age to prevent serious or deadly skin cancers later. They encourage all students to use sunscreen when they head outside to protect their skin.