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Saint Ursula Academy Students Excel in Equestrian Events

Saint Ursula Academy Students Excel in Equestrian Events

Cincinnati, Ohio, November 2, 2018 –  When considering high school athletics, most people immediately think of soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, or one of many other OHSAA sanctioned sports.  However, two Saint Ursula Academy students are making quite a name for themselves in National Equestrian events.

Adeline Pavlin ’21 of Hyde Park was recently recognized by US Equestrian for her dedication and success in the US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program.  Adeline has documented over 100 hours of training during the year and has participated in numerous equestrian events around the country.  She has been riding horses at Kneipp Farm in Cincinnati since she was five-years-old.  She is currently competing with her horse Elliot.

Bella Zdolshek ’21 of Crescent Springs, KY recently won the 3rd Level JR/YR, Region 2 Dressage Championship with her horse, Talisman One, scoring higher than riders from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.   Dressage, a French term for “training,” requires that horses and riders display a gracefulness as the horse is directed through a series of movements, both straight and sideways.  Earlier this year, Bella was also recognized for becoming the youngest United States Dressage Federation Gold Medal recipient in history, at the age of 14. 

Saint Ursula encourages young women to become confident leaders and we are proud of these young women who have become leaders while pursuing something they love.  While many athletes at Saint Ursula play for SUA teams, there are many other student athletes competing around Greater Cincinnati on dance teams, rowing teams, and synchronized swimming teams, in addition to these two equestrian athletes.

Photo caption:  Saint Ursula Academy students Adeline Pavlin (left) ’21 of Hyde Park on Elliot, and Bella Zdolshek (right) ’21 of Crescent Springs on Delorean compete in equestrian events around the country.

Saint Ursula Academy is a Catholic, college-preparatory, secondary school for young women known for academic excellence and rich tradition. Saint Ursula welcomes students from more than 90 grade schools in the Greater Cincinnati area.  The Academy is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School. The campus, located at 1339 E. McMillan Street in East Walnut Hills has been the home of Saint Ursula Academy and Convent since 1910. The Class of 2018 earned college scholarships totaling more than $21-million.