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coronavirus: dashboard and information

Quarantining and Isolation Guidelines

SUA is adhering to the updated ODH and CDC quarantining and isolation guidelines.  We use this flowchart to determine individual COVID guidelines if tested positive or exposed to someone who tested positive.  One important note about the updated guidance is the individuals who are out of school/work for an extended period of time are probably NOT feeling well.  We will continue to work with each student/family to determine the best plan to support the individual will off-campus.

The CDC now recommends prevention measures such as wearing masks indoors when community levels are high enough to strain the healthcare system and when needed to protect those at increased risk of severe illness. Complete details, including the updated community tracker can be found here.  

COVID-19 Dashboard

Potential Active Cases Reported


Students: Students include all students who take classes at SUA.
Employees: Employees include all full-time and part-time SUA employees.  This includes faculty, staff, and administration.  The 10% threshold is based on faculty only.  
Tested Positive: Tested Positive is a count of individuals who have reported testing positive for COVID-19 and been on our campus.
SUA Quarantined: The number of students and/or employees who were in close contact of a positive case at Saint Ursula Academy.
% COVID-19 Related Absences: The average number of students and/or employees who were absent due to close contact of a positive case at Saint Ursula Academy.  
Note:  This is not limited to the classroom environment and may be affected by extracurricular activities (e.g. - athletics).

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