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coronavirus: dashboard and information

COVID-19 Dashboard

Saint Ursula Academy’s website and COVID Reset and Restart Guidebook are sources of information allowing the campus community to remain updated on COVID-19 information related to campus as well as local and state communities.

The COVID-19 Dashboard is part of that information sharing, and the dashboard may be updated in terms of both data and design. It provides a snapshot of confirmed COVID-19 testing and cases on campus among members of the SUA school community as reported. The reporting of aggregate data will allow Saint Ursula Academy to protect the privacy of student and employee information while enabling us to observe and understand any trends around spread.

Potential Active Cases Reported


Students: Students include all students who take classes at SUA.
Employees: Employees include all full-time and part-time SUA employees.  This includes faculty, staff, and administration.  The 10% threshold is based on faculty only.  
Tested Positive: Tested Positive is a count of individuals who have reported testing positive for COVID-19 and been on our campus.
SUA Quarantined: The number of students and/or employees who were in close contact of a positive case at Saint Ursula Academy.
% SUA Quarantined: The percentage of the total of students and/or employees who were in close contact of a positive case at Saint Ursula Academy.
Avg Quarantined Per Tested Positive: The average number of students and/or employees who were quarantined due to close contact of a positive case at Saint Ursula Academy.  Note:  This is not limited to the classroom environment and may be affected by extracurricular activities (e.g. - athletics).

Information update: January 6, 2021

Happy New Year!

Third Quarter Schedule
With the New Year comes our revised schedule. The Third Quarter Schedule can be found on our website under Family Resources. Please keep in mind that we do have two Wednesdays in January (13 and 27) dedicated to Distance Learning. Mr. Moran has updated the student expectations for the Third Quarter.  Students received this information via email and it is located on the SUA Student Intranet. Please note that students must continue to complete their Daily Wellness Screening. Although we will not be continuing temperature checks at the door, we WILL be conducting random Wellness Screening checks AND taking attendance at Zero Bell.

Bulldog Fresh Market
SUA is pleased to share that we have partnered with Vonderhaar’s Catering for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Vonderhaar’s has agreed to offer our students a complete boxed lunch for $7.00.  Here is a link to the lunch options. Students can use MySchoolBucks or cash to pay for the boxed lunch. Lunches will be available starting on January 11. Please complete this brief survey to let us know if your student plans to buy a boxed lunch. We want to make sure that we have the right amount of lunches for our community, limiting the potential for waste. Finally, please make sure that your students bring a packed lunch this Thursday and Friday.

We have received notification of positive cases of COVID-19 identified among the Saint Ursula Academy community. In collaboration with the City of Cincinnati Department of Health, we have isolated the cases, quarantined those identified as close contacts, and deep cleaned affected areas.

As a routine precaution, we are reminding you to screen yourself or your daughter every day before school. Any individual who is not well should not report to school and should report any absences to Ms. Shari Bacon at 961.3410 ext. 123.

Thank you for your commitment and cooperation in helping keep our SUA Community safe. We understand and accept that we cannot fully eliminate all risks, but we can reduce them.

In order to help protect our community:
    • Please monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, which commonly include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms include chills, rigors, muscle aches, headache, sore throat, or loss of taste/smell.
    • If symptoms consistent with COVID-19 develop, please stay at home and consult with your primary care physician regarding the next steps.

SUA has updated our COVID-19 Dashboard. The updated COVID-19 Dashboard includes our cumulative number of cases.

Governor DeWine announced that Ohio is changing its guidance regarding quarantines following an in-classroom exposure in K-12 schools. Moving forward, students and teachers exposed to a COVID-positive person in school are no longer required to quarantine as long as the exposure occurred in a classroom setting and all students/teachers were wearing masks and following other appropriate protocols. The updated quarantine guidance does not apply to after-school activities, including sports.

The change follows an evaluation of virus spread in Ohio schools conducted by researchers with the Ohio Schools COVID-19 Evaluation Team. Preliminary results of the evaluation found no discernable difference in the risk of contracting the coronavirus between those in close contact with a COVID-positive person in the classroom and those who were farther away.

The Governor adds schools should continue to require quarantines for exposed students in situations where masking and distancing protocols were not followed. 

Information Resources

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