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coronavirus information and planning

UPDATE: May 20, 2020

Saint Ursula Community,

Lelia and I remain committed to staying attentive and present to daily COVID-19 updates from Governor DeWine.  We believe that regular COVID-19 updates ensure that we maintain regular and transparent communication with the SUA Community.  We plan to continue the COVID-19 updates throughout the summer.  

Year-end Housekeeping 
As the school year comes to a close, your daughter will need to schedule a time to drop off her laptop so that we can re-image them.  Along with her computer, she will need to drop off any textbooks, other classroom supplies, and athletic uniforms at this same time. 

In order to remain compliant with the Ohio Department of Health orders, we will have a strictly enforced schedule of no more than ten (10) students per fifteen-minute time slot and we will need for them to follow these guidelines:

Action Items:
Schedule a time to come to SUA during the week of May 26-29 to drop off the following items:
Textbooks and classroom supplies or equipment
Athletic uniforms

While on Campus:
Wear a mask
Practice social distancing (six feet apart at all times)
Exit the building and leave campus once you have dropped off your items

Again, it is imperative that your daughter show up at her scheduled time and leave on time (fifteen-minute session).  There will be no exceptions to this policy so that we can protect the safety of everyone involved.

NOTE: Only the individual student will be permitted into the building.  No parents, siblings, friends, etc. will be allowed.

If your daughter would prefer an individual session, versus a group session, please email Tim Wilking.  Additionally, if your family has traveled/plans to travel outside of Ohio/Northern Kentucky between now and Friday, May 29, please complete the re-entry form and submit to Mari Thomas one day prior to your daughters’ campus visit. 

AP Updates 
Our AP exams have been going smoothly this past week, which has been attributed to your daughter taking the time to prepare for her exams. Please encourage her to continue to read email updates from Jenna Wilker and anything from the College Board. Additionally, here are a few reminders for exams this week:

1. Your student's electronic ticket was sent directly from the College Board. If she cannot access it or doesn't receive the email from the College Board, her ticket number will be in her College Board profile when she logs into her account. 

2. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for taking the test and updates automatically on your tablets. To double-check if you have the latest version, click on Settings on your Google Chrome page (the three little dots or arrow on the right), Help => About Chrome):  chrome://settings/help.  Here is a support link from Google for more information.  

If your daughter chooses to upload photos using her iPhone, pictures on iPhones, mostly newer versions, automatically save as HEIC files, which are not accepted for the AP exam. Below is a reference on how to reset your camera to save files as JPEG, which are accepted by the College Board.

3. If your daughter is taking either the AP Spanish Language & Culture or AP French Language & Culture exam, please have her go through this step-by-step list to ensure that she is prepared before her exam day. 

4. Even though the exams have been going smoothly, some problems still may occur and we will be here to support your daughter after the completion of her exam. Here is the troubleshooting link College Board sent out to help if a problem occurs during an exam.

Additionally, please have your daughter review Jenna Wilker's emails with resources and checklists to best prepare her for exam day. Going through the checklist and understanding the information on the resource pages issued from the College Board will help students be ready for their exam day. 

2020 AP Exam Checklist 
2020 AP Testing Guide 

Extracurricular Activities, After-School Programs 
All activities, including athletic events, are canceled while Saint Ursula Academy uses distance learning.

Community Service Learning
The Community Service Learning Department continues to provide your daughters with an array of service opportunities.  Please encourage your daughter to visit the CSL Google Website. The website will link your daughter to SUA Community Service Opportunities.  The CSL team will continue to update the tab for Other and Summer Service Opportunities!  As always, email Rachel Kemper or Peggy McCormick-Platz with questions.

OHSAA update
1. Per the Governor, school facilities are now closed through June 30.
2. Per OHSAA, when school facilities are closed, so are all athletic facilities.
3. Per OHSAA, when school facilities are closed, the no-contact period is extended to that date.
4. The 10-day rule will not apply this summer. No connections with athletes until after June 30 or school facilities are reopened.
5. OHSAA is making contingency plans for the fall season. Right now, athletics are scheduled to begin August 1.

With school facilities closed, and student-athletes are not permitted to gather together, OHSAA launched the #HOWICOMPETE campaign.  This campaign encourages athletes to train on their own at home and with instructions sent electronically by their school coaches.  Student-athletes and teams are encouraged to set goals and compete against themselves and others while complying with social distancing guidelines. Content can be found on OHSAA’s social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) on its handle @OHSAASports.

On-site Staffing
SUA continues to ensure continuity of services despite the campus being closed to all but essential staff. As long as Governor DeWine’s office permits, Mari Thomas or Lelia Kramer will be on campus.  If you have needs during this time, please call Lelia’s Administrative Assistant, Patrice Eby, at 961-3410 ext. 132.  We are all in this together!

Keeping the SUA Community Healthy
According to Governor DeWine and ODH, Ohio will continue to see an increase in COVD-19 cases. Please do your part to stop the spread.

Watch for Updates
SUA will continue to upload updates on a special section of our website dedicated to COVID-19 information.  

Lelia and I will continue to provide weekly COVID-19 updates throughout the summer.  Thank you for taking the time to read these resources.


Saint Ursula Academy COVID-19 Family Video Series

March 27  Dr. Dean Whitfield, M.Ed., Ed.D.
Saint Ursula Academy Instructional Technology Coordinator
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April 1  Dr. Lisa Damour
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April 8   Dr. Julie Wigton
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 April 22  Ann Berger
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Southwest Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (SWOCTM) President
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 April 24 Dr. Karen Graves
Psychologist, Mayerson Academy, VIA 
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 April 29 Nick Reilly
Partner, Constellation Wealth Advisors
Video Topic:  Your Financial Check-up During COVID-19   

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