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Living the Mission

SUA Students Living the Mission

Every day our students are challenged to live the mission by embracing the Core Ursuline Values.   Below are the characteristics of an Ursuline Education.  Each includes an example of ways our students are modeling the Ursuline Values which are so important to the mission of Saint Ursula Academy.
 Christ-Centered SpiritChrist-Centered Spirit – the Christian cross is combined with an outward and inwardly radiating backdrop to reinforce the faith, hope and eternal life it symbolizes.
Through class Masses, prayer services, and Spiritual Journey Week, students are encouraged to reflect on their relationship with Christ and how they can share Christ's love with others.  
The CrestThe Crest – this updated redesign shows the cross, IHS, the Fleur de Lys recall his mother, Mary, the Holy Spirit and the laurel tree symbolic of achievement and victory.

Our Blessed Mother Mary watches over our students as they live their lives in a Christ-centered environment, taking care of the earth. 
 Emphasis on Diversity
Emphasis on Diversity – this symbol is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope with its everchanging patterns of harmony.
The Diversity Committe at SUA hosts events each school year which celebrate the differences in races, cultures and learning styles and what we can learn from our diverse community.

Personal Care
Personal care for the Individual– the maternal theme suggests the care a mother extends to her helpless child.
SUA students host an annual personal care drive, collecting shampoo, soap, socks, and other toiletries for our neighbors in need.  
Recognition of the dignity of the Gifts of Women – this exuberant symbol depicts the confident and gifted female encased in a crescent moon, inherently associated with the feminine.
SUA students visited various social services agencies and learned about social issues facing women and children in our community. 
 Emphasis of the Whole PersonEmphasis on the Development of the Whole Person – the holistic approach to caring is symbolized by the flower, nurtured by gentle hands.
Our nurturing environment reinforces core Christian values in addition to encouraging academic success.  
Saint Ursula Academy's Carrick named #ADifferenceMaker 
Spirit of Optimisim
Spirit of Optimism and Openness – three dancing flames intercept a path reminiscent of the yellow brick road symbolizing an open heart and mind to cultivate along life’s journey. 
Saint Ursula Academy students are sharing what they have learned with others around the world.  
Saint Ursula Academy Students Create and Install Original Artwork in Nicaragua 
 Academic Excellence
Academic Excellence – the open book with the blue ribbon symbolizes our pursuit of academic excellence.
Saint Ursula Academy students are regularly recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program for their academic success.  
 Academic Excellence
Strong Family Spirit – three friends with their arms around one another, shoulder to shoulder remind us of the girls singing their school song A New Dawn.
Saint Ursula Academy hosts several events to ensure that families are involved with their daughter's education.
 Academic Excellence
Commitment to Christian Service – using the suggestion of the washing of feet with gentle waves lapping show our commitment of service in our faith.
Saint Ursula Academy students are challenged to build a better world in their daily lives by helping anyone in need.
 The teachers at Saint Ursula Academy brought the study of Catholic theology down to a personal ethical level, and did not shy from speaking about how difficult it is to do what is right with very practical examples. One teacher also said something that I often recall while studying feminist discussions within Islam: "The Catholic Church makes rules to help you; sometimes it doesn't seem that way, but later, in retrospect, you may see how beneficial they actually were." 
-Laura Thompson '04