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Student Life

Student Life

Saint Ursula Academy students are involved at school and in their local communities. Our students have a wide range of interests and talents, and we have designed co-curricular programming to help each girl explore and develop her passions. Students also participate in clubs, organizations, sports teams, and performing arts to meet new people, make friends or to simple take a break from the regular school day. Our commitment to girls when they enter SUA is that we will help them get involved in the school community and help them develop into courageous leaders.
One way we support student involvement and engagement in campus activities is through our schedule. Since each of our students have so many interests and they travel from all over the city to attend SUA, we have designed our academic schedule to allow for student clubs and organizations to meet during the school day. Students may use their 30-minute break in the day to go to a student organization meeting or to meet with a teacher. We also have an all-school lunch, when all students and teachers have free time to eat, have a club meeting, or connect about course-related questions. That way students can participate in many activities without having to coordinate carpools or worry about other after-school conflicts.
If you would like to get more involved at SUA but are not sure how to get started, contact Ms. Durso (Assistant Principal for Student Affairs) or Ms. Jennings (Student Life Coordinator). We are happy to talk with you about how to get involved at SUA!  

Student Life Team

Katherine Jennings '09
Student Life Coordinator
Theatre, Music
(513) 961-3410 ext. 194

A New Dawn

The Saint Ursula Academy School Song sung by the Student Body


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