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Sisters in Cultural Unity (SICU)

Sisters in Cultural Unity (SICU)

Moderator: Ms. O’Neal
Criteria: Open to all SUA students interested in promoting sisterhood and awareness of African and African American history and culture.
Requirements: Must be willing to attend afterschool meetings 1-2x/month and participate in group activities. Members are expected to volunteer, mentor and assist with activities for the Young Women’s Institute students (6th-8th grade leadership program at SUA) hosted throughout the academic year.
Goals & Objectives: organization mission: to celebrate and bring awareness to African and African American culture and achievement through art, history, presentation and education.
Outside/After school activities: African Culture fest at Museum Center, Martin Luther King Breakfast, NAACP Dinner, Dada Rafiki Gifts Conference, volunteer opportunities and various other field trips.

Meeting Dates

November 9 – lunch meeting

January 18 – lunch meeting

February 22 – lunch meeting

March 22 – after school

April 26- lunch meeting