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Mother Fidelis

Mother Fidelis Coleman Award


Mother Fidelis saw a need and broke the mold to start a new community of Ursulines that would not only educate students in a private Academy, but who would also teach in the parochial schools of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Responding to a request of Archbishop Moeller in 1910, the new “Ursulines of Cincinnati” committed themselves to teach, serve, and care for the people of all social classes in the city. This award recognizes a student who, like Mother Fidelis, has demonstrated initiative and leadership in her school and in her community.

2015 Recipient
Catherine Elizabeth Hidy
2014 Recipient
Catherine Mackenzie Corbin
2013 Recipient
Judith Gabriella Kyrkos
2012 Recipient
Meghan Theresa Sullivan
2011 Recipient
Veronica Katherine Lowe
2010 Recipient
Shannon Nicole Balmat
2009 Recipient
Megan Kathleen Jones
2008 Recipient
Sarah Francis Daly
2007 Recipient
Tasha Monique Johnson
2006 Recipient
Kathleen Martha Meyer
2005 Recipient
Jennifer Marie-Counts Mertens