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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Saint Ursula Academy is a nurturing Catholic educational community founded in the Ursuline tradition. Saint Ursula encourages academic excellence and empowers each student to become a woman of faith, integrity and courage committed to building a better world.


As we live our Ursuline mission we:
  • Provide a rigorous college preparatory program that leads each student to knowledge and self discovery
  • Ensure that our Catholic mission is the cornerstone of all that we do, while at the same time respecting and welcoming students, parents, faculty and staff of all faiths
  • Challenge students to be open-minded critical thinkers and lifelong learners who study all aspects of an issue and form opinions based upon inquiry and analysis
  • Model the joy of learning
  • Develop young women with self-confidence, high self-esteem and integrity, aware of their own unique gifts and the responsibility they have to use these gifts to benefit themselves and others
  • Expect students to assume responsibility for their actions while having the freedom to express themselves and take appropriate risks
  • Provide caring support for each student's academic,emotional, social, psychological and physical needs
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion as we celebrate the dignity of each person
  • Guide students to develop empathy for others both less and more fortunate than themselves
  • Emphasize the importance of balance in their lives as they learn to make prudent choices
  • Inspire students to develop their personal relationship with God leading them to grow into the persons God created them to be
  • Provide students opportunities to be involved in activities that are appropriately counter-cultural, and that challenge the status quo.
  • Ultimately Saint Ursula Academy graduates young women who are reflective thinkers, servant leaders, nurturers and prophets.

CORE VALUES of an Ursuline Education

The Christ Centered Spirit of Saint Angela Merici inspires us to
  • Affirm the Dignity and Gifts of Women,
  • Inspire students to achieve Academic Excellence,
  • Develop the Whole Person,
  • Value the Uniqueness and Gifts of Each Person,
  • Build Family Spirit in our school,
  • Celebrate Difference and Diversity, and
  • Commit ourselves to lives of Christian Service
  • with Optimism and Openness guiding our daily actions.