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Memorials / Tribute Gifts

Memorials and Tribute Gifts

Tribute and memorial gifts are generally designated to the endowment, which produces income for scholarships and financial aid. In this way, your gift can become the means bywhich deserving students can receive the excellent academic and tradition-rich gift of Saint Ursula Academy.

The SUA Advancement Office helps administer tribute and memorial gifts made to Saint Ursula. To those honored by a tribute donation, the Advancement Office will send a lovely card, keeping the gift amount confidential. For Memorial Gifts, family of the deceased will be notified, again keeping the gift amount confidential.

To the donor, the Advancement Office will promptly send an acknowledgement that also serves for tax purposes. (SUA is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all gifts are tax deductible.) In addition, the donor’s and recipient’s names will be published in the Saint Ursula Magazine to express the school’s appreciation and gratitude.

Tribute Giving is a wonderful way to acknowledge someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any special occasion. 
Memorial gifts provide the family of the deceased the comfort of knowing that someone has honored the memory of their loved one. 

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Thank you for your generosity.