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Formational Programming

Educating the Whole Person

New Student Orientation

This full day program kicks off the school year for all incoming students!  New students spend the day getting acquainted with Saint Ursula Academy as a new student and getting to know their classmates. The sessions are led by SUA faculty and student Peer Advisory Leaders (or PALs). Topics range from co-curricular offerings to faith formation to academic support to understanding our counseling program.  In addition, there is a comprehensive look at using the Tablet PC in and beyond the classroom. New students have a chance to make new friends and get to know the campus before starting school.

Opening Days of School

The first two days of the school year are a special time at Saint Ursula Academy. Recognizing that all SUA community members, students and teachers alike, need time to reconnect with one another, we take time to build community as we ease into the start of classes.  On the first day of school we spend the morning in our Advisory groups, which are small groups that girls stay in for all four years.  Peer Advisory Leaders (PALs) lead the welcome Advisory session, helping girls get to know one another through games and activities. Then the senior “big sis” walks her “lil sis” around campus to make sure she knows how to find her classes and can meet her teachers before class begins.  Students attend half of their classes after all-school lunch.  

Then on day two, girls attend their remaining classes in the morning, have all-school lunch, and then participate in a school-wide event. We use the second day of school to launch the annual theme, which is always one of the Academy Alum characteristics: Thinker, Leader, Nurturer or Prophet. Each year our school has an Academy Alum characteristic as a point of emphasis. Students, teachers, and staff spend the afternoon engaged in hands-on activities, games, and interactive experiences to explore the Academy Alum concentration for the year. 

Leadership Academy

Each spring Saint Ursula Academy hosts our signature Leadership Academy, when more than 150 students volunteer to spend a full Saturday at school developing their leadership abilities and growing more confidently into women of faith, integrity and courage.  As an all-girls school, we maximize this opportunity to spotlight a diverse group of strong women leaders from across industries in greater Cincinnati. The Leadership Academy format typically includes an opening keynote speaker, a series of concurrent sessions, a networking lunch, and a closing session. Students from every grade level are strongly encouraged to attend since each and every one of our students has leadership potential.