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Design Program

The four year design program at SUA provides a true catalyst for learning critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity - the sequential classes deepen the students' understanding of both visual literacy and language in carefully structured steps that guide the student from design fundamentals to sophisticated challenges in the senior portfolio class with an emphasis on process.
  • Design students learn the elements and principles of design through discovery and investigation, thorough color theory and application. 
  • Design students work with word and image, illustration, typography, photography, graphics, symbols, marks, letterforms and logos manually as well as on I-Macs equipped with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and the In-Design Suite. 
  • Design students tackle real world assignments and learn appropriate interpretation and problem solving choices, presentation, budgeting and production techniques as they witness the vital role design plays in our daily lives. Field trips to professional studios, exhibits and industries, as well as the history of design from prehistory to innovative trends help the girls get ready to study the design major of their choice in college - many choose to study architecture, urban planning, interior, industrial, fashion design, merchandizing or digital and visual communication in many of the most prestigious schools nationally and internationally. 
The SUA design program is led by design professional and educator Alison Probst.