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College-Like Campus

Open Campus

The Saint Ursula Academy campus is located on nearly 10 acres of land in East Walnut Hills with the original school buildings at its core. Classes are held in multiple buildings, giving students the feeling of freedom as they switch classes and travel from building to building, just like they will do in college. But as SUA, they are getting practice crossing a campus while still under the supervision of the high school faculty and staff. This experience will provide insight into life on a larger college campus. 

State of the Art Facilities

Saint Ursula Academy's recently completed the Arleene Keller Fox Student Center in the heart of our campus.  This center allows for large group meetings, small group gatherings, and is wired to facilitate the use of presentations using our smart podiums and projector screens.
Additionally, our Harold C. Schott Gymnasium and Convocation Center provide even larger spaces for sporting events, all-school Masses, and other school-wide events.  The Sky-box can be utilized for groups to observe these events with the luxury of a private suite.

"Classrooms" outside of the Classroom

Located in the heart of the city where teaching, learning and new friendships flourish.
The center-city location of St. Ursula Academy makes the school accessible to the many cultural, academic, scientific and medical institutions in Cincinnati. Longer class periods enable students at St. Ursula Academy to make frequent use of these neighborhood classrooms. Assessment for final exams often takes place at these learning centers enabling students to develop an appreciation for the authenticity of Old Master paintings, hospital research, city government and zoology all in the immediate proximity of the school.