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Art Program

St. Ursula Academy offers a full four-year program in Art. Over four years students are able to participate in studio course exercises exploring freehand drawing from life, 2-dimensional projects, 3-dimensional projects and digital projects. Students are also given the opportunity to develop their AP Studio Art portfolio's which are submitted for evaluation in the national scoring. As part of the art program at St. Ursula Academy, field trips to our city's fine art museums and cultural centers will be required. This allows students to apply their first-hand experience to the world around them. The Art program at St. Ursula Academy provides the elements and principles required for students to develop perception, dexterity, language and a deeper understanding of creative processes.

The Fine Arts Building at St. Ursula Academy is a work of art itself and houses the classrooms for aspiring art students at Saint Ursula. Art students work in several mediums and have won numerous Gold and Silver Key Awards in the annual Scholastics Art competitions. Students from these two programs are well-prepared for admission to prestigious schools including DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art & Planning) college at the University of Cincinnati, the Pratt Institute in New York, Rhode Island School of Design and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

The SUA art program is led by art educator Kurt Nicaise.

Welcome Gerardo Arias!

We were pleased to welcome Mr. Gerardo Arias, an “artist in residence” from Nicaragua, who visited St. Ursula Academy from March 27-April 17. He, along with Art students, created a four-panel mural with the theme: “Inspiring Leadership for a Bright Future.” He also visited other classes to share language, culture, and important issues facing the people of Nicaragua!!  Mr. Nicaise's students blogged about the mural that Mr. Arias created.  Please click HERE to read their blog.