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Advisory Program

Building community across grade levels

Saint Ursula Academy started the Advisory program to provide a home base for our students. For girls to succeed academically and to develop into women of faith, integrity, and courage, they need trusted peers and adults to be a regular part of their school day. Advisory establishes this opportunity for all students within the regular school day. Each girl joins an Advisory as a new 9th grader, and she stays in that Advisory all four years. The Advisory community she joins includes fellow 9th graders as well as sophomores, juniors, and seniors, for a total of 20 students. Peer Advisory Leaders (PALs) lead the weekly, 30-minute Advisory sessions with the support of a faculty member.
Advisory content is designed by students for students, with the guidance and support of teachers and staff. Advisory conversations and activities are designed to allow girls to explore topics facing teens that they might not encounter in an academic class; Advisory also becomes a place for girls to celebrate birthdays and holidays.