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Just Right Courses

Just Right Courses for everyone

Which classes should I take?  That question can be overwhelming to a high school student.  At Saint Ursula Academy, students are guided through the entire scheduling process and taught to choose classes that are "just right" for each individual.
Before each semester, every student meets one-on-one with her counselor to ensure she is placed in the proper classes, and creates a personal schedule specially designed for her personal and individual needs.  Each schedule is designed based on the personal and individual needs of the student and ensures that the student is challenged without being overwhelmed.  This individualized attention encourages each student to reach her full potential.  Additionally, this session assists students in developing time management strategies which are crucial to success at the collegiate level.

Educational Services Program

Established in 1982, Saint Ursula Academy’s Educational Services Program for girls with learning disabilities and AD/HD exemplifies the school’s commitment to caring for the whole person and devising learning conditions for maximum achievement by each individual student in the program. Saint Ursula Academy offers each young woman the opportunity to develop her academic potential, regardless of race, socio-economic status, and physical or learning impairment.
The emphasis of the Educational Services Program is to provide for the individual learning differences and learning styles of the student by teaching to her strengths while working with her weaknesses or limitations. The student develops an understanding of her strengths, limitations, and learning styles, as well as her individual rights and responsibilities. Students in St. Ursula Academy's Educational Services Program are mainstreamed into the college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement classes.
Click HERE to read more about the benefits of the ES program. 

College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement Courses

All classes at Saint Ursula are considered "College Prep", meaning they will prepare students for college courses. In addition, we offer 17 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses which may be acceptable for college credit at some colleges and universities and 17 Honors Courses. Each student meets individually with counselors to decide which courses best suit her needs. Click here to see a listing of AP and Honors Courses.