Transfer Policy
Transfer Opportunity

At Saint Ursula Academy, we believe that qualified students should have the opportunity to pursue their education in a challenging environment, surrounded by like minded students. For some students that means applying to enter SUA at a time other than the start of 9th grade. Current class size will play a role in our ability to accept transfer students into Saint Ursula Academy.
Junior Transfers
SUA will only consider junior transfers if a family is relocating to the Greater Cincinnati area and the student is coming from a school with formational and academic programming similar to Saint Ursula Academy. For details about the junior transfer process, please contact Michelle Dellecave, Director of Admissions, at 513-961-3410 x183 or [email protected]
Sophomore Transfers
  • Saint Ursula Academy will accept sophomore year transfer applications at the end of the student's freshman year, through the first two weeks of the academic calendar year and at mid-year.  
  • A family interview with the Admissions Committee is required.
  • A wait pool will be established for accepted sophomore students if the class is filled.  At the end of the school year, two dates will be set for the Admissions Committee to review applicants on the wait list - one in the spring and one in the summer.
Requirements for Sophomore Transfers
1. The transfer student application along with a current high school transcript is required for the Admissions Committee to review. High School Placement Test scores are not required, but if available will be considered along with state/standardized test scores. However, the primary academic criteria for admissions decisions will be based on strong academic performance in a college preparatory curriculum.
2. Once a student is accepted, placement tests will be required in Math and World Language. English course placement for sophomore transfers will be in Literary Genres. Literary Genres is a foundation course for all writing at Saint Ursula Academy.
3. All accepted transfer students will be required to submit a letter from either their current Principal or Director of Guidance stating that they are leaving in good academic standing with no discipline or attendance issues before they may attend their first day of class at SUA. Saint Ursula Academy does not accept students who have been expelled from other high schools.
4. Applications for the Educational Services Program require a current educational evaluation (within the last two years) for consideration.


One month before the desired transfer date, the application and unofficial transcript is due to the Admissions Office. Once accepted, the student will be allowed to spend a day shadowing a current Saint Ursula Academy student. All required paperwork will be provided to the accepted family within a week of the meeting.

One week before the intended start date the following will be due:
1. Tablet PC deposit
2. Enrollment deposit
3. Enrollment contract
4. Letter from current high school confirming good standing
5. Student Information Form
6. An official transcript from the previous high school
Class of 2021 - Incoming 9th Graders
A limited amount of spaces are available for the Class of 2021. Once the incoming ninth grade class is filled, a wait pool will be utilized for students who are entering the ninth grade and are interested in enrolling at SUA. When a space becomes available in the Class of 2021, the Admissions Committee will review candidates in the wait pool and will determine at that time who may enroll. This decision will be based on grades, HSPT scores, and standardized test scores.
To be placed on the wait pool, a student must:
  • Submit an application for admission by clicking HERE
  • Forward grades from the 7th and 8th grade along with her most recent standardized test score
  • Have High School Placement Test scores
  • Participate in a family meeting with the Admissions Committee 
  • Be accepted for admission to Saint Ursula Academy
The Educational Services Program for students with identified learning disabilities is full for the Class of 2021.


From the Ohio State high school guidelines on athletics:

"If a student transfers at any time after the fifth day of the student’s ninth grade year or after having established eligibility by playing in a contest (scrimmage, preview/jamboree, Foundation game or regular season/tournament contests) until the one year anniversary of the date of enrollment in the school to which the student transferred, the student shall be ineligible for all contests (including all scrimmages, preview/jamboree/Foundation game) until after the first 50% of the maximum allowable* regular season contests in those sports in which the student participated (participation being defined as playing in a contest) during the 12 months immediately preceding this transfer have been competed".

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